Our stores know what is needed to know about your machine to get you the best parts for the best price. We look forward to the next sale and not just impressing you once. Even if it something small like a floor mat, don’t hesitate to call or drop by one of our locations. We will spend the time finding you the right parts the first time!

Overdrive Automotive has one of the biggest selection of parts in the truck and SUV segment. From your daily driven SUV to the workhorse weekly truck that takes care of business. Our customers prefer a product that lasts and has a great warranty. If you’re just looking to drop by and pick up a catalog dedicated to your vehicle type then please do. They are free for the taking. If your SUV is lacking in power or needs a boost in mileage then don’t hesitate dropping by to ask someone about many FUEL saving products we have to offer that make your full-size behave like a mid-size. If you just need a set of perfect fitting floor mats and a tonneau cover to protect your cargo.. We’re your guys.

Looking for auxiliary lighting that lasts? Tired of changing other aftermarket bulbs. Overdrive Automotive carries it’s own brand of lighting built by a supplier to our specifications to last our Canadian seasons. You can buy “somethingstar” lighting from Canadian tire or buy LED lighting from Overdrive that actually increases light output 2.5 times with a lower wattage and power usage.

Our stores know trucks & vans. With major manufactures like BACKRACK, WEATHERGUARD, CARGOSLIDE and so much more…. we can outfit your truck for occasional work duty or the most demanding daily needs.