Our stores have always had a connection with Jeep owners. We sponsor events across Ontario and like to off-road ourselves. Overdrive Automotive is listed with many major suspension manufactures as preferred dealers. We have gotten to a level of understanding on how vehicles will drive and handle when lifted and we can help you make an educated choice on your lift needs.

I’m going to say it… you Jeep people are weird.  You take a perfectly good vehicle, beat it up off-road, cut fenders to fit bigger tires, cut holes to fit extra lights… WHAT’S UP WITH THAT!

Overdrive started out with Jeep in our blood.  The president of the company has had numerous Jeeps to his name over 25 years. Always finding ways to modify and murder them off-road.

We sponsor events and our own jeeps go to them.  We don’t just look at video of wheeling jeeps we put dents in our own.  That being said we’ll sell you what you want but only what you need to make your machine a capable off road machine but retain its daily driving manors.

With budget lifts for your JK starting at $189.00, enough to clear 35’s on your JK, how can you not want to lift your Jeep?

Overdrive has been a Rough Country suspension distributer for years.  We’ve witnessed first hand improvements in quality and dedication to quality that RC is now known for.

Rough Country suspensions has loads of suspension system from mild to wild. Give us a call and we’ll find something that suits your needs.

We also have access to loads of other Jeep suspension companies from Teraflex to ProComp suspension.

Need some gears & lockers to put the life back into your machine or improve it’s off-road prowess. With a major supplier like Randy’s Ring & Pinion supplying us we got every need covered. Many of our locations can install those gears with 20 years of gear and locker install experience.

Grab handles, shocks, fender flares, bikini tops, we carry so much product for your Jeep that we have a 165 page catalog dedicated to them. Drop by for one, they’re complimentary!