Rough Country

Rough Country Suspension top sellers at Overdrive

We are Ontario’s largest stocking Rough Country distributer.  We have a huge inventory and can get a kit to your closest location fast.

These are our top selling kits that we do our best to stock.  If you’ve been to the Rough Country website and you need a price on something you don’t see below please don’t hesitate to ask.

We install what we sell.  If you need an accurate quote then give us a call or drop by for us to check out your machine.  If your truck has seen more than a few winters then we can tell you what’s going to put up a fight.  Getting an accurate quote before you start will give you peace of mind knowing what the job will cost.  We can do this because of the years of experience installing suspension on one old trucks to decade old machines.

If you bought a Rough Country system somewhere else and need some help with either a warranty part or install… don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We deal directly with Rough Country and have the ability to help with any problems you may encounter.

Pricing may fluctuate due to the exchange rate. Call or email a store for a quote.  Pricing may differ from store to store when combined with installation or other purchases.

Check out Rough Country 2016 catalogue online below

Rough Country 2016 Catalog